JLL Membership Categories

Our new members, known as Provisional Members, complete our application during the month of October and begin their new membership year with us on January 1st. Provisional Members complete a curriculum and fulfill volunteer requirements throughout the calendar year. All requirements must be completed by early fall in order to attain active member status. Additionally, Provisional Members will have the opportunity to attend various social events throughout the year to bond with their fellow new members as well as the Active and Sustaining Members. 


Active members are those women who, having successfully completed the Provisional Member year, are now trained volunteers, working in the community or within the League. Members have a variety of opportunities to assist in raising funds through some of our annual fundraising activities and to determine which community agencies will receive annual support. 

Active Membership can flex with the changes in our members' lives - women are not required to serve in leadership roles, but they will have the opportunity to do so annually. They also have the opportunity to attend social events, fundraising events.


Sustaining Members, or Sustainers, as they are more commonly know are former active members who have completed a determined period of active service and/or reached a determined age. Sustaining members have no official leadership or volunteer requirements but often participate by assisting a committee with their historical knowledge and expertise. 

Sustainers hold separate social events throughout the year - many of which are just as popular with our Active Members!