A Snapshot of the Junior League of Lexington

Promoting voluntarism and improving the community through action and leadership.

Women of many races, religions, and national origins committed to community service.

More than 600 trained volunteers making a direct positive impact in central Kentucky.

Raising money with successful fundraisers organized by trained volunteers to further the League's charitable work throughout central Kentucky.

Committed to historic reservation through the renovation and maintenance of the historic Bodley-Bullock House.

Position Statements
The Junior League of Lexington, Inc. recognizes the problem of substance abuse in our society. We support efforts toward the understanding, prevention, and treatment of substance abuse.

The Junior League of Lexington, Inc. is committed to ensuring that all children have the opportunities and services essential for optimal physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth and will advocate seeing that such opportunities and services are provided.

The Junior League of Lexington, Inc. supports the goal of fair and equal opportunities for women and men and will advocate for the attainment of this goal.

The Junior League of Lexington welcomes all women who value our Mission.  We are committed to inclusive environments of diverse individuals, organizations and communities.

The Junior League of Lexington, Inc. is committed to the goal of eliminating domestic violence by supporting programs and legislation designed to understand the problem, assist and protect the victims, and work effectively with the abusers.

The Junior League of Lexington, Inc. is committed to and supports the preservation of buildings, sites, and areas of historic and architectural significance through restoration, renovation, preservation, adaptive reuse, or any combination of these efforts.

The Junior League of Lexington, Inc. believes that every individual has the right to attain a level of literacy skills necessary to live up to his or her potential and will support efforts toward the reduction of illiteracy in our society.