Membership Award Recipients

Junior League of Lexington Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year Award is an award given annually to an Active League member whose commitment to the community and voluntarism is noteworthy. The following women have been recipients of the award since its inception in 1994:


1994-1995 Sharon Crissy & Susan Keegan

1995-1996 Brenda Barrett & Courtney Rhorer

1996-1997 Melissa Stephan

1997-1998 Beth Finch

1998-1999 Susan Combs & Missy Scanlon

1999-2000 Kathleen Torok (deceased)

2000-2001 Susan Rayer

2001-2002 Maggie McElvein

2002-2003 Gabrielle Ingram

2003-2004 Amy Waterman

2004-2005 Julia Mitchell & Melanie Glasscock Simpson

2005-2006 Marian Blanchard

2006-2007 Brandy Hamby

2007-2008 Sarah Tedford

2008-2009 Amy Dineen

2010 Angie Straley-Fields

2011 Elizabeth McGee

2012 Brandy Pennington                                                                                                                        

2013 Mindy Sexton

2014 Sara Jean Waggoner

2015 Mary Leppo

2016 Nanci House

2017 Diane Verhalen 

2018 Jessica Stigall

2019 Liz Sheehan 

2020 Bridget Szczapinski

2021 Kelli Parmley

2022 Erin Roth


Alice Lang Vance Junior League Award

The Alice Lang Vance Award, named in honor of the 1940-42 President and the 1939 Horse Show Chair, is an award given to an Active member whose overall commitment to the Junior League of Lexington makes her a tremendous asset to the League. The following women have been recipients of the award since its inception in 1996:


1996-1997 Terry Graves

1997-1998 Susan Ridenour

1998-1999 Beth Barr

1999-2000 Brenda Barrett

2000-2001 Melissa Stephan

2001-2002 Dana Alexander

2002-2003 Susan Ware

2003-2004 Patricia Rowland

2004-2005 Lee Ellen Martin

2005-2006 Jennifer Dotson

2006-2007 Laura Hayden

2007-2008 Eli Mitchell

2008-2009 Angie Thomas

2010 Melia Schmidt

2011 Alice Vance Dearborn

2012 Robyn Miller                                                                                                                                

2013 Laci Poulter

2014 Kriste Harness Blumetti

2015 Angie Fields

2016 Amanda Black

2017 Blair Eads

2018 Katy Ross

2019 Nanci House

2020 Aaron Ann Cole-Funfsinn

2021 Jessica Stigall

2022 Betsy Davies

Susan R. Anderson Award

The Susan R. Anderson Award is given to an active or sustaining League Member whose interest, contributions, and promotion of the Bodley-Bullock House are and have been "above what is expected."  The following women have been recipients of this award since its inception in 2010:


2010 Susan R. Anderson

2011 Susan Rayer

2012 Tracy Coble                                                                                                                                  

2013 Teresa Worten

2014 Amelia Martin Adams

2015 Lauren Nichols

2016 Kelli Dean Parmley

2017 Allison Krift

2018 Grace Hahn Hester

2019 Maggie Murphy

2020 Alice Murray Bowen

2021 Vanessa Grossl

2022 Sara Scott