League Board of Directors


2024 Executive Committee

President   Melissa Hammer
President Elect   Heather Kane
Corresponding Secretary   Ann Mary Quarandillo
Headquarters Chair   Kathryn Dooley
Holly Day Market Chair   Beth Shockley
Horse Show Chair   Abigail Brotherton
Marketing/Public Relations Chair    
Membership Chair   Amanda Sieglien
Recording Secretary   Meghan Brown
Sponsorship Chair   Cynthia Barnes
Treasurer   Megan Lee

2024 Committee Chairs

Advisory Planning Chair   Heather Kane
Admissions/Provisionals Co-Chair   Lauren Sword
Admissions/Provisionals Co-Chair   Samantha Howard
CE&R Chair    Laura Prather
Community Projects Chair    Rachel Bugaris
Diversity & Inclusion Chair   Camisha Boyd Powell
Finance Committee Chair    Megan Lee
Membership Hospitality Chair   Iman Ali
Mentoring Chair   Opa Johnson
The Bloom Chair    Madison Wallace
Nominating Committee Chair 

  Kendall Anderson and
Erin Roth
Parliamentarian   Betsy Davies
Sustaining Membership Chair    Marcey Ansley
Website Chair   Emily Bellamy


Thank You to Our
2023 Executive Committee!

President   Grace Hahn
President Elect   Melissa Hammer
Corresponding Secretary   Alice Bowen
Headquarters Chair   Victoria Ocampo
Holly Day Market Chair   Brooke Englert
Horse Show Chair   Jenna Lowe
Marketing/Public Relations Chair   Logan Huff
Membership Chair   Kendall Anderson
Recording Secretary   Meghan Brown
Sponsorship Chair   Laura Eaves
Treasurer   Chelsea Moore

Thank you to our
2023 Committee Chairs!

Advisory Planning Chair   Melissa Hammer
Admissions/Provisionals Co-Chair   Alexis Allen
Admissions/Provisionals Co-Chair   Ellen Black
CE&R Chair    Emily Lane
Community Projects Chair    Natalie Meyle
Diversity & Inclusion Chair   Christine Stanley
Finance Committee Chair    Chelsea Moore
Membership Hospitality Chair   Madison Stephens
Mentoring Chair   Laura Prather
News sheet/The Bloom Chair    Samantha Howard
Nominating Committee Chair    Mallory Wood
Parliamentarian   Amanda Black
Sustaining Membership Chair    Kriste Blumetti
Website Chair   Betsy Davies