Rental Information

Lease Fees and Tours

The Bodley-Bullock House and its garden are open for individual and group tours, receptions and parties. Equipped with a caterers kitchen and private boardroom, the house offers many opportunities for formal and informal gatherings. The elegant interior and the natural beauty of the garden set the mood for perfect portrait settings as well. For rental or tour information and fees, please contact us or call 859.252.8014.

Sneak Peek!  You can also get an inside look at the Bodley-Bullock House by viewing an episode of The Bridal Show that features the House on YouTube at

Saturday House & Garden Rates (April-October)* 
  Saturday House & Garden Rates (November-March)*    $1,500
Weekday Evening (M-F after 5 pm) & Sunday Rates*:  
1-25 people
26-75 people
76-100 people
101-150 people
Weekday Rates* (Mon-Thurs, 8am-5pm), less than 35 attendees
$150/hr (2 hr minimum)
Weekday Rates* (Mon-Thurs, after 5pm), less than 35 attendees
 $150/hr (3 hr minimum)
*Damage/Overtime Deposit for all rentals (refundable):
Photographic Sessions
 Call for rates and availability
Board Room Use    Call for rates and availability


Rental Policies

The Bodley-Bullock House and its grounds are available for rental between the hours of 9:30 AM and 11:00 PM.  Sunday rentals must be over by 10:00 PM.

Rental / Non-Rental Areas

  • For the Lessee's caterer only, the Bodley-Bullock House rental area includes the first floor kitchen and butler's pantry as set-up space only. This area is not otherwise included in the rental area.
  • The Junior League Board Room and the third floor of the Bodley-Bullock House are not included in the rental area and are off limits to the Lessee, his guests and employees.
  • The rental area of the Bodley-Bullock House grounds includes only the front yard and side garden.
  • The carriage house and garden storage areas are not included in the rental area and are off limits to the Lessee, his guests and employees.

Caterer / Lessee Policy Conditions

  • Any food or beverages (including ice) prepared or served on the premises must be provided by the Lessee at his own expense.
  • If food or beverages are prepared or served on the premises, the Lessee must employ, at his own expense, a professional caterer for that purpose. The only exceptions to this rule shall be League members who may provide their own food.
  • The Lessee must provide at his own expense: (A) dishware (B) stainless or silverware (C) linens (D) glassware (E) cooking utensils (F) bar accessories (G) folding tables and chairs Trivets or other heat protectors are required for casseroles and chafing dishes.
  • The dining room table must be covered at all times by a pad provided by the Lessor at no extra charge. The dining room table must be covered at all times by a table cloth provided by the Lessee at his own expense.
  • Nothing shall be attached to walls, fixtures, or fumishings. This includes taping of plastic liners or roll-type paper coverings to tables.
  • Caterer/Lessee is responsible for proper bagging, fastening, and removal of all trash throughout and at the end of the reservation. Large trash bags are provided by the Lessor for this purpose. All trash is to be placed in these bags and tied shut, carried out and placed inside the "Herbie" container outside the back door. All ice should be dumped in the street, never on the grass in the garden.
  • Wash all table tops thoroughly. Countertops, sinks, and stove/oven surfaces and refrigerator Interior/exterior are to be left in spotless condition.
  • The Caterer/Lessee is responsible for making a final check of the unit in the presence of the hostess before the premises are vacated. Omission of the checkoff will result in the Lessee's assumption of all liability and repair cost involved should a problem with the unit be discovered after vacation of the premises.
  • The Lessee is responsible for resetting furniture, cleaning floor surfaces, and guest baths.
  • The Bodley-Bullock House closes at 11:00 PM for guest departure and 12:00 midnight for service people departure with no exceptions.  The House will close at 10:00 PM on Sundays. 
  • Failure of caterers, Lessee or guests to vacate premises as specified will result in automatic "overtime charges".
  • No popcorn, rice, bird seed, or flower petals may be thrown on Bodley- Bullock House premises.
  • One adult chaperone is required in the room at all times for events where ten minors are congregated. College groups must be chaperoned by four (4) adult faculty/parent adults.
  • Lessee and hostess are responsible for final housing check after the event using Hostess Checklist. This is for your protection.
  • All items such as tables, chairs, linens, grills, fryers, coolers, must be delivered on the date of the event and removed immediately after.  (Nothing can be delivered the day before and nothing can be left overnight)
  • Outdoor cooking equipment such as a grill or fryer must be placed on top of bricks or stone.  Exact placement must be discussed, in advance, with the Administrative Coordinator.  At no time can a grill or fryer or any other equipment that emits heat, be placed over the grass or in the garden. 

Tents / Dance Floors

  • The use of a tent in the garden will result in a $100 surcharge and must be discussed with the Administrative Coordinator.
  • The use of a tent and its locations will be restricted.
  • The tent must be removed at the end of the event (the same day).
  • The use of heaters must be discussed with the Administrative Coordinator.
  • The Lessee will be charged if there are any damages to underground utilities caused by puffing up the tent.
  • Bar area must not be located in the tent area.
  • If the tent has sides, a floored walkway must be at the entry to the tent.
  • The use of a dance floor will result in a $100 surcharge and must be discussed with the Administrative Coordinator.
  • The use of a dance floor and its location will be restricted.
  • The dance floor must be removed at the end of the event (the same day).
  • Only vinyl dance floors are permitted.  Wooden dance floors are prohibited. 


  • Deliveries will be accepted only by pre-arranged notice.
  • Deliveries will be accepted only through the garden gate.
  • Deliveries will not be accepted at any other door.

Decorations and Accessories

  • Flowers, floral containers, and all other decorations must be provided by the Lessee at own expense.


  • Dancing is not permitted in the house.
  • Pianos are not permitted in the house. A piano may be placed only on the side portico.
  • Amplified music is prohibited.
  • No disc jockeys are permitted.
  • Types of music must be approved by the Administrative Coordinator.
  • Musical groups are limited to four (4) people and must be "acoustic only" (no electric instruments, speakers, microphones, or amplifiers).
  • Music must be stopped by 10:00 PM.
  • Noise level during the event must be such that it will not disturb the neighborhood.


Pet Policy

  • No Pets

Fire Hazards

  • Fire regulations require that the guest occupancy not exceed the maximum number of 25 guests in second floor rooms.
  • Tall candles may be used only on the dining room banquet table and only glass-contained votive candles may be used at any folding table used for dining. Lessee must provide own candles. Candles provided by the House are only for decorative purposes.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the Bodley-Bullock House.
  • The use of sparklers must be discussed in advance with the Administrative Coordinator

Museum Furnishings

  • The furniture and decorative objects in the museum rooms may not be moved about within room or from one room to another without permission of the Headquarters Chair, Vice Chair, or another employed representative or agent of the Lessor. Be mindful that most of the furnishings may not be moved at all.

Official Host or Hostess

  • An official host or hostess representing the Lessor shall attend all events.
  • The Lessee and any other person permitted on the premises by the Lessee during the event or in preparation of the event must comply with all stipulations and directions communicated by the Lessors official host or hostess or any other representative or agent of the Lessor present.

Claims and Damages

  • If the premises or contents of the House and grounds are damaged in any part by any act of negligence for the event, the Lessor shall require the Lessee to reimburse the Lessor for such sums as shall be necessary to restore the said premises' contents to their original condition, including replacement.
  • In the event any suit or action is brought by Lessor to collect fees, deposits, surcharges, or any other charge or to enforce any provision of this contract, the Lessee agrees to pay to the Lessor, in addition to any amounts recoverable, its reasonable attorney's fees and court costs.
  • The Lessor assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any property placed in the House or grounds by the Lessee or any person permitted on the premises by the Lessee during the event or its preparation for the event.
  • The Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Lessor from any and all liabilities, costs, and expenses which may be charged against or incurred by the Lessee by reason of any personal injury or property damage suffered or claimed to have been suffered in any way from any accident or occurrence arising from the use or occupancy of the House or Grounds.