Current Funded Agencies

The Junior League of Lexington awarded $30,000 in grants to 11 deserving community agencies for 2021.  In addition to financial support, the League will provide more than fifty volunteers to serve these agencies.  Our volunteer support adds an additional estimated $5,000 of value to the agencies:


  • American Red Cross *NEW* - The American Red Cross Pillow Project initiative is aimed at 3rd-5th grade students and is a fire safety and prevention program that educates them on how to prepare their homes and families in the event of an emergency. We are proud to the American Red Cross for the first time and support their Pillow Project with two volunteers and $5,000 in funding. (2 Volunteers)

  • American Saddlebred Museum - Located on the grounds of the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, the American Saddlebred Museum provides an exciting and educational experience about the important role the American Saddlebred played in our nation's history, and how it has evolved into the elegant, athletic, and versatile breed we know today. This year, the Junior League of Lexington is proud to provide four volunteers and $1,500 to purchase materials and equipment that will assist with the preservation of museum materials. (4 Volunteers)

  • Arbor Youth Services - Arbor Youth Services provides a safe and supportive environment to children as young as birth and as old as 17 who have suffered abuse, abandonment, or are at risk of victimization. Residents of the facility are often experiencing various sorts of trauma and often need privacy and personal space. Currently the facility is without curtains and we look forward to providing a grant of $2,000 and eight volunteers to provide curtains for all of the resident spaces. (8 Volunteers)

  • Bluegrass Council for the Blind - The Junior League looks forward to supporting Bluegrass Council for the Blind and their mission to provide resources and services to all people affected by a loss of sight. We look forward to providing Bluegrass Council for the Blind $3500.00 and 4 volunteers for talking glucose and blood pressure meters. Those experiencing low vision are in need of various health devices in order to track their personal vital statistics. (4 Volunteers)

  • International Book Project - International Book project collects, sorts, and ships donated books in response to requests from around the world. The Junior League of Lexington will commit $2,000 and 4 volunteers to support their 2021 Globetrotters program. This program is aimed at educating elementary school children about various cultures and histories around the world. (4 Volunteers)

  • Junior Achievement of the BluegrassJunior Achievement of the Bluegrass prepares and inspires students to succeed in the global economy by allowing fifth grade students to participate in JA BizTown. JA BizTown is a self-contained economic program that provides a hands-on learning experience. The students study economic education objectives that teach them about the economy, writing checks, keeping a checkbook register, applying for a job, and working in groups. The concepts are then put into action as the students spend one day at BizTown. During BizTown, they are assigned a job and will receive paychecks, and have the opportunity to be consumers by making purchases in one of the business-sponsored storefronts. We look forward to sponsoring scholarships for students by supporting the program with $2,750 in funding and five volunteers. (5 Volunteers)

  • Kids Cancer Alliance - The Junior League looks forward to supporting Kids Cancer Alliance in the amount of $2,500 and ten volunteers for their Meals and More program at the UK Dance Blue clinic. Funds will be used to purchase supplies for meals for patient families that are receiving care at the Dance Blue Clinic at the University of Kentucky Hospital. (10 Volunteers)

  • Lexington Art League *NEW* - Founded in 1957, the Lexington Art League is central Kentucky's original visual arts organization. This year, the Junior League of Lexington is proud to provide $1,250 in funding and five volunteers for supplies for their Community Mental Health Exhibit. Art work for this project will be displayed at the Loudon House. (5 Volunteers)

  • Lexington Children’s Theatre - The Lexington Children's Theater creates imaginative and compelling theatre experiences for young people and families. The Junior League looks forward to providing $3,000 in funding and two volunteers to provide access to streaming threater performances for approximately thirty Title 1 classrooms. (2 Volunteers)

  • Special Olympics Kentucky *NEW* - The goal of Special Olympics is for all persons with intellectual disabilities to have the chance to become useful and productive citizens who are accepted and respected in their communities. The Junior League is proud to support their “Healthy Athletes” program. During the games, athletes are given a variety of health screenings and our grant of $5,000 and ten volunteers.funds would be provide the needed medical supplies and PPE for those screenings. (10 Volunteers)

  • Steps and Strides Equestrian Services *NEW* - Steps and Strides Equestrian Services provides therapeutic equine activities for individuals with disabilities. We look forward to a new partnership with Steps and Strides Equestrian Services by providing $1,500 in funding and four volunteers to support their “Pony Tales” program, which offers a school visit from a horse and books for participating students related to equine care and good citizenship.(4 Volunteers)